The Inspiring Story of Abraham Lincoln and Nebraska
By Susan Grace Dittman


“What a marvelous and surprising story — who knew how closely Nebraska and its capital reflect so many key themes in Abraham Lincoln’s life? With historical accuracy and inspired writing, Susan Grace Dittman brings faith and insight together in service to tell an important tale about Lincoln, and life.”
–James Cornelius, Ph.D.
Curator, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum Springfield, Illinois
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Abraham Lincoln's Shining Star
Abraham Lincoln’s Shining Star is a very readable story that quickly and concisely informs the reader of the key points of Abraham Lincoln’s life and presidency, his struggles during the Civil War and the way his life affected the state of Nebraska. I recommend it highly.”
–Tom Osborne, Ph.D.
Athletic Director, University of Nebraska


Although Abraham Lincoln never set foot in Nebraska, the author proves that our sixteenth President influenced the growth of Nebraska more than that of any other state. Indeed, more than half of the land of present-day Nebraska was settled as a result of legislation that President Lincoln signed into law. And Nebraska influenced Abraham Lincoln: It was the Nebraska Bill that roused Lincoln out of political retirement and set him on the path to the presidency. These are just two of the surprising connections between the Prairie President and the Great Plains state of Nebraska.

The author highlights Abraham Lincoln’s reliance on God and encourages all readers to rise to the challenge issued by Abraham Lincoln’s good friend and pastor, Dr. Phineas Gurley. At the White House funeral for Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Gurley said, “To emulate your [Abraham Lincoln’s] bright example will be the truest mark of our respect, the best tribute we can offer.” The book then features eight stories of Nebraskans who have lived this out as an example to us all.

Teens and adults will appreciate this book as will advanced elementary-aged readers. More than thirty photographers donated their beautiful photographs to illustrate the book. Other people contributed their expertise, because all proceeds from the book go to America’s Great Stories™. When you buy a book or make a donation, you help purchase Bibles and support this ministry. Thank you very much.